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New Updates for LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn Messaging has several cool new updates that help you get more out of your conversations. The business social media profile is making it’s messaging platform more dynamic than before. Here are my top three of the new LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn Messaging Features

  • Add attachments on the fly. Now you can add attachments within the app by clicking a couple of buttons on the bottom navigation. This is great for those moments where you used to have to ask for an email address to share documents.

  • Start and Manage group messages. This was a really big one for me. Most messaging platforms allow you to add other followers within the app to have a group chat. LinkedIn did not have that ability, until now. Now you can start and manage group messages with ease. This is an awesome addition to LinkedIn, where users can bring in additional members to have business discussions within the social media platform.

  • Mention others in your messages. Another interesting feature for the platform is the ability to @mention other LinkedIn connections within your messaging chat box. This is particularly useful if you plan to connect two people for a discussion.

Why LinkedIn Messaging Matters

The new LinkedIn features are very beneficial to any blogger, brand, or small business that uses LinkedIn. It should also encourage those who don’t to get on the platform.

First, these new features allow you to do more within LinkedIn without having to leave the app. This will save a ton of time coordinating an email chain or group phone call. Now, you can bring the group together, share resources and discuss business all in one place.

But, make sure you’re using these features as the jump-start to the relationship.

Try out the tool and see what you think! I’m sure the platform will release even more new features as time goes on. I’m even wondering at this point if LinkedIn is making a run to spin their messaging platform off into a standalone app. This would be similar to a Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. With the recent success of those platforms, it would make sense and I think there’s a unique perspective to the app.