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How AI and Image Recognition Are Transforming Social Media Marketing

If a picture is worth one thousand words, how many words do social media users throughout the world generate every day on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat? AI and image recognition are just two of the new forms of technology that will change social media marketing as we know it forever. How will AI and image recognition transform the way your business attracts and communicates with customers?


AI bots are becoming more common on social media thanks to easy-to-use platforms like Facebook Messenger. There are currently over 1 million Facebook Messenger bots, and that number will continue to grow as businesses seek to provide immediate assistance to customers. Companies who utilise AI chatbots experience a higher degree of user interaction and an uptick in sales. For example, Tommy Hilfiger had a 3.5 times higher conversion rate on Facebook messenger than any other channel during NY Fashion Week.

Image Recognition

Every day, social media users share over 3.25 billion photos. Thanks to image recognition, brands can gain a tremendous amount of information about current and prospective customers and fine-tune a social media marketing plan. If you own an apparel company, you can currently only find out what customers are saying about your brand if you search public posts or are tagged in a post by name. However, image recognition could identify your products in photos and offer you new insights into buying behavior, usage patterns and competitor products. A new technology, Google Cloud Vision, can scan millions of images to pick out products, logos and other objects for social media marketers.