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Decoding the Facebook Algorithm

What is an algorithm?

As a marketer, the importance of Facebook is undeniable; however, the application of it can be somewhat frustrating to say the least. What makes one post viral, and the next one an utter flop perplexes even the most skilled marketers at times. The magic behind the Russian roulette of Facebook posts is the almighty powerful Facebook algorithm. An algorithm is a formula or set of steps used for solving a particular problem.

Facebook uses its algorithm to sort, sift and make sense of the huge number of posts that are created each day to ensure the user experience is one that is useful and enjoyable.

The accumulation of negative press plus user feedback is why the company has made recent and swift moves to eradicate the types of content that make people either mad, bad or sad.In fact, Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement outlining how he intends to help people have “meaningful social interactions” between one another coupled with a further reduction in organic reach has some in the comms business worried.

Unstanding how the algorithm works and how to 'work' it will help.

How does the Facebook algorthm work?

Whether searching on Google or scrolling through Facebook, the information that is presented comes from a mathematical equation based on two factors:

  • Algorithmic quality – the quality standard of the content available