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How to Create and Change Video Cover on Facebook


Update: Facebook Cover Videos are back and available to about 80% of our pages as of today (6/16)! We talked to Facebook about the cover videos feature and they told us that the development team’s test is progressing well and they will continue to expand it. If you still are not seeing the feature on any of your pages, you should in the coming days and weeks. To check out an example of a cover video visit our Facebook page!

We recently talked about how engagement is Facebook’s driving factor. Cover videos are Facebook’s latest change to allow brands to better tell their story.


Yet again, Facebook is making a major change to the way businesses and individuals pages look. Users now have the option to turn their cover photo into a cover video. In recent years Facebook has really begun to focus on video content, realising this is the way that most people prefer to consume content, with that number consistently growing. This is just the latest video feature. Others include Facebook live, profile videos, a stronger focus on video ads, Facebook stories, among others. Below is what we know so far about the mystery that is Facebook cover videos.

Facebook, in typical fashion, has not told us much about Facebook cover videos. They have begun rolling it out to select pages, with the Netflix original show Narcos being the first page that it was noticed on. Twitter user @vladcalus was the first to notice the feature just recently on April 25th. Facebook released the following official statement upon the public’s discovery of cover videos on Pages.

Official Facebook Statement:

We recently started testing the ability on desktop to upload a video as the Page cover. Once a cover video has been created, video will render when people visit the Page.

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